Patient Resources

The following are helpful links for our patients:

The Birthing Tree –
The birthing tree is a wonderful company that offers birthing and parenting classes as well as options for labor/doula support.

First Born Program –®-program
This program provides mother, father, and primary care providers with education and support to encourage normal growth and development of happy, healthy babies in postivie nurturing families. The First Born Program is a unique home-visitation program designed to meet the needs of New Mexican families. All services are free and offered to all women pregnant for the first time and first time families within the program service areas.

New Mexico Young Fathers Project –
If you know a struggling father under the age of 26, the Young Fathers Project can help. Participants receive individual case management, mentorship and learn life skills in groups with other young fathers. They receive training in parenting, relationship skills and decision making.

HPV and the Gardasil Vaccine –
Do you have questions about Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) and the Gardasil vaccine for prevention. This very informative website will answer all your questions. Please call us if you would like to schedule your Gardasil vaccine injection.

Medical Weight Loss of Santa Fe –
Interested in losing weight with the help of a trained medical professional? Dr. Martinez and her nurse practitioner, Maira, can help you through the Center for Medical Weight Loss. Call 988-8005 to schedule an appointment today.