Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy (gaht)

trans hormone doctorThe caring staff at Santa Fe OBGYN has been helping transgender patients in New Mexico live as their authentic selves with Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy for many years. Bioidentical, time-released hormone pellets offer a more natural approach to feminization and masculinization by delivering hormones that are more identical to the hormones produced by the body – with a 24/7, 365 delivery system. This GAHT protocol leads to more effective results, with fewer side-effects, and less risks than synthetic hormones.

Also, hormone pellets eliminate the hassle and the erratic “ups and downs” of daily hormone pills or creams, by providing consistent time-released estrogen or testosterone – delivered all day, every day. With subcutaneous (under the skin) Gender Affirming Hormone Pellet pellets, transgender patients can go about their lives, without having to think about their hormones.

trans hormone doctorDr. Lynore Martinez understands that many transgender patients face long and arduous struggles when reconciling their external body with their internal identity. That it is why it is exceptionally important for trans patients to choose the most effective, consistent, and safest GAHT. Bio-identical hormone therapy pellets are the most natural, consistent, and safe hormones for aligning one’s sexual characteristics with their gender identity now – and in the long-term.

Choosing the right gender affirming hormone therapy is a lifetime commitment. At Santa Fe ObGyn we offer support, caring, and years of experience when helping you make your GAHT decision. 

Gender Affirming Hormone Therapy Doctor

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gaht doctor santa fe

gaht doctor santa fe

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