“Dear Dr. Martinez, Cliff and I can’t begin to thank you enough for all that you’ve done for us over the last few years. We are so thrilled to finally be parents and to have our beautiful baby girls! Without you, we wouldn’t have the family that we’ve always dreamed of and we hope you know that we are externally grateful“. With Love – Brie, Cliff, Maddie & Caitie

Dr. Martinez, Just a quick note to let you know I had yet another wonderful experience with your office! Everything is peaceful and professional – the decor, the staff at the front desk, and certainly Jennifer (Stauss)! I only wish I were having more children so that I could experience the wonderful level of care you give to your patients. Of course, it’s about time I started some youth treatments, so I guess I’ll have to switch to the other side of the office! Wishing you well.” – Tracy.

“Dr Martinez exudes professionalism and perfectionism…I greatly appreciate these traits. I also feel she is highly skilled, up to date and delivers the Highest Quality of Care. Thanks!” – Vicki

“Dr. Martinez is an awesome doctor.” – Brenda

“The staff at Santa Fe Ob/Gyn are all very sweet and supportive and efficient. I would recommend Dr. Martinez and her team to all of my friends, family and patients.” – Windy

“I have an interesting story regarding my path to becoming a mother. I am 43 and had wanted to get pregnant for more than seven years. I found out during the journey that I had multiple uterine fibroids, which caused me to become critically anemic. I was sick for at least three years from the anemia. Doctors told me the only option was a hysterectomy, but I refused. Instead, I read lots of books to educate myself on the issue, made changes to my diet, and sought help through alternative medicine and spirituality. Eventually I sent out 40 letters to doctors on my insurance plan to find someone willing and able to remove the fibroids without a hysterectomy. I got three letters in response and chose Dr. Lynore Martinez, in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She removed 16 fibroids (myomectomy) and reconstructed my uterus successfully. The fibroids didn’t grow back, and one and one half years later, we conceived. Marielle Nizhoni Emanuelle Gomez was born last September in Santa Fe. She is a gift from the Creator; we are truly blessed by our precious little angel.” – Anne-Marie, Taos